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Get 12% and more of profit each month, investing in the market of crypto-currency under the management of a company of professional traders.

All data entered on the website and in the private office of the information is strictly confidential and not be disclosed to third parties. The agreement on data privacy

traders team

Employees of the company have years of experience in trading companies and investment divisions of banks.

Valuable profitability
with minimal risk

The desire for risk-free trade of the main principle of our work, and we have developed a practical solution to this problem.

Data storage
on the company's servers

Operational data storage customers shopping trust management companies on their own cloud servers.

About company

The company was founded in 2007, residents of Russia, graduates of technical faculties of MSU and MiFi passing, at that time, trained in UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles, USA).
Since the inception of the company's core competence has been elected to trading on the stock, currency and commodity markets.
Since 2011, the company focused solely on Forex trading and crypto currencies.
In 2012, in the charter capital of the Company includes institutional investors and private individuals from the United Arab Emirates and Sweden, which expanded the activities of the company, giving it global.
In 2015, the founders of the company includes individuals - residents of India and Germany, which allowed the company to successfully enter the rapidly emerging markets of India, China and other countries in Southeast Asia, with a total population of 4 billion 300 thousand people.
Providing quality services of capital allocation - of beneficiaries and private investors in the currency markets through structured products and crypto currencies.
Reasonable profitability with minimum risk and a high level of service.
The main investment idea
Maximum diversification and hedging.

Investment strategies for private investors

We strive to become a model for the provision of high-quality capital placement services of private investors in the currency markets through structured products and crypto currencies. Template contract
Traders group
4 locations:
  • US/New York
  • Asia/Shanghai 上海市
  • Europe/Frankfurt am Main
  • Europe/London
per month
AI Technology
3 strategies:
  • Conservative
  • Balanced
  • Agressive
per month
Corporate Experience
Guaranteed income:
  • Stability
per month


Trading - our passion! All employees of the technical staff to the chief executive or themselves traded in currency, stock and commodity markets or professional working in trading companies or investment divisions of banks.
Currently the Company is in the state of the four groups of traders, with locations in different time zones for clock trading: Republic of India, Great Britain, EU Germany, USA. We also believe a full member of the team, our pride - its own development: trade-analytical platform - LLA 7.2.1 or "Ilyusha", which works around the clock, and is physically located in two places, the & nbsp; Novosibirsk, Russian Federation (servers) and virtual servers in & nbsp; Bangalore, India.

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Alex Gabay

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Maria Khan-Levine
Executive Director

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Abbas Veliev
Technical Director
CEO Hilow Ltd

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Henrik Eklund
CEO Binsignal Ltd
Ulrich Rayen
Aamir Madhavan
Evan Adams
Clark Fisher
Joachim Hartmann
Amitabh Naganathan
Howard Meredith
Joy Cole

The company carries out its activities through the placement of equity and borrowed funds of private investors in structured products and crypto currencies in the Forex market, through its own staff team of traders, as well as software and hardware system developed and owned by the right of ownership.


2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
US/NEW YORK 142.97% 119.52% 133.12% 127.82% 175.3%
ASIA/SHANGHAI 上海市 122.09% 164.97% 150.18% 135.74% 164.75%
EUROPE/FRANKFURT AM MAIN 158.24% 142.58% 156.79% 115.75% 158.07%
EUROPE/LONDON 143.85% 145.88% 139.66% 115.85% 149.50%
CONSERVATIVE 64.96% 75.23% 76.01% 91.93% 105.91%
BALANCED 77.09% 84.82% 88.47% 104.92% 142.50%
AGRESSIVE 112.73% 113.68% 116.46% 138.1% 164.16%
STABILITY 158.50% 162.00% 163.00% 191.65% 145.24%
trading platforms
MetaTrader 4, LLA 7.2.1, TechFinancials.
Head (control) group company registered in a jurisdiction: Republic of India (भारत गणराज्य)
- SEBI (The Securities and Exchange Board of India)
- RBI (Reserve Bank of India)
- CCI (Competition Commission of India)
Legislative framework of activities
Linela.corp - The Laws Of Republic of India (English Common Law) - The Laws Of Republic of India (English Common Law)
CEO: Alex Gabay
Executive Director: Maria Khan-Levine
Technical Director: Abbas Veliev


The desire to trade without risk - the main principle of our work. Due to the diversification strategy used by the company - each transaction is insured transaction on another market (Forex), which allows even in the case of a succession of failed transactions do not incur losses.

"We have created and perfected a unique syncretic strategy allows you to trade at the same time but in different directions in different markets in a single moment of expiry, on the same counterpoint pairs. Due to this, each transaction in real time, can perestrahovyvatsya opposite transaction on another market. The result of such a transaction is either zero profits (without loss) or income. Using this strategy may reduce the number of possible profit in a single transaction, but allows the vast majority of transactions in the range without a loss-profit. "

CEO Alex Gabay
The company carries out insurance activities in the following areas:
  • Insurance of the responsibility of the executive director of the company.
  • Liability insurance company CFO.
  • Insurance of the non-trade risks.
  • Insurance of the property complex.
  • The funds allocated for the current payment of income to customers no more than 25%.
  • The funds allocated for support of the current activity of the company (the remuneration of staff, taxes, rent retail and commercial real estate, the funds allocated for development) is not more than 30%.
  • The funds allocated for the increase and diversification of deposits on various trading platforms not more than 15%.
  • The funds allocated for payment of dividends to the shareholders fix | month: 15%.
  • Funds sent to conservative assets:
    - deposits with banks of the highest category of reliability
    - government securities with a maturity of not more than 1 year
    15% - combine to form an insurance / reserve fund of the Company.
The company manages and assumes the following risks:
  • Operational risks. Violations of proportionality functionality used by information, technology or other systems or their failures.
  • Compliance risks. Failure to comply with the registration law jurisdiction, the internal documents of the company and organizational procedures, standards of self-regulating organizations.
  • Legal risks. Failure to comply with company requirements of normative legal acts and contracts; violation of contractors, partners, customers, regulatory legal acts.

Data protection
The Company applies the generally accepted technological and operational safety standards to protect data from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.
The company provides the adoption of technical and organizational security measures to prevent any unauthorized or unlawful disclosure or processing of such data, as well as their accidental loss, destruction or damage.
Access to personal data is granted only to authorized employees of the Company, which have signed a non-disclosure contracts personalized personal and confidential information.
Storage and data management
The company provides rapid storage of all commercial customers personal data on trade and trust management for the last five years on their own servers. Archival information for later periods are placed in a third-party certified data center.
Policy for personal data storage and processing
Under the processing of personal data means the data processing provided by customers and (or) from the implementation of the client actions aimed at generating income through the use of the resource: means implementation of the action (set of actions), made with personal data.
Including: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision of access). Including the cross-border transfer, depersonalization, blocking, deletion and destruction.
The Company may process personal data of the client in any manner permitted by the laws of the jurisdiction of the Company, both with and without the use of automation.
Important! We do not collect on the Company's website and in the private office and (or) third-party resources personal information for distribution and sale to outside parties for the purpose of consumer marketing, as well as receiving messages on behalf of third parties.

Our partners

Banking services
- The Haryana State Cooperative Apex Bank Limited, SCO 78-80,    Bank Square,Sector 17-B, Chandigarh, India.
- PJSC "Sberbank of Russia", the Kaliningrad branch number 8626, the Russian Federation, 236006, Kaliningrad region, Kaliningrad, Moscow Avenue, 24 Russian Federation.
Accounting and auditing services
Implemented by: OlamKH. Knowledge Ltd., 10 Santhome High Road, Chennai, 600004, India

About the site

Этот сайт управляется и принадлежит компании Linela.corp, с адресом: The Mason Complex, Suite 19 & 20, The Valley, India.
Materials Placing on the Company's website: protected by law "On Copyright and Related Rights". Use of any information posted on the website, including reproduction, distribution, transfer to third parties, publication or other activities the Company is not permitted without written consent.


1. Crypto currencies - what is it?
Crypto currencies are a tool for trading. An important feature is that even before the conclusion (of the) transaction provides fixed and profit or loss amount, established before the contract is concluded. Loss, without loss, profit - options for the outcome of the deal with crypto currencies.
2. What are the advantages of crypto currencies?
  • 1. A wide range of trading instruments - can be traded as a standard currency pairs, as well as how those assets - precious metals, oil, stocks of popular companies and many other even more exotic variants assets.
  • 2. Fixed income - a market participant know in advance how many will get profit, regardless of whether to change course by 1 point or 100, the main thing, what would it change occurred in the right direction.
  • 3. Trade online 7/24 - the ability to trade without having to install additional software on your computer in any convenient place and at any time.
  • 4. Simplicity - offset (not taken into account) all intermediate fluctuations. It is enough to make a prognosis and to choose the right kind of crypto currencies - CALL (Up) deal to buy or PUT (Down) deal to sell. In the first case, the profits obtained by the growth of prices in the second when it falls, all as standard trading.
  • 5. High yield combined with acceptable levels of risk and the possibility of targeting, monitoring and control.
3. What is the minimum and maximum size of the deposit to invest in your company?
The minimum deposit to trade crypto currencies in the company LineLA is 5,000 rubles, or $ 100. Maximum deposit is limited to a weekly rate of investment per customer of $ 100 000. The total amount of deposits and their number, which the customer can have is unlimited.
4. Who pays the tax and in what amount?
КCOMP ANIES does not perform reporting in the context of customer accounts to the tax authorities of the States. The company also acts as the fiscal agent. For this reason, each customer is personally responsible for implementation of the payment of taxes and fees in full and in a timely manner, according to the Legislation of the country, of which he is a resident, at the time of reception of the income.
5.I do not find (a) the answer to your question.
Address Your question to the Management Company: or the Department of Technical Support: